New & Used Equipment

We know that finding solutions and sourcing equipment is time consuming. Let us save you this time and effort by managing this for you. Here at Glue QA we can supply a large selection of new systems and upgrades, both hot and cold gluing and quality assurance including stand-alone code readers. As we work closely with multiple OEMs, we can often offer a combination of manufacturer’s equipment to give you the best solution. Alternatively, if you have a preferred supplier, we can often supply a fully installed complete solution at a competitive rate.

At Glue QA, we also carry a large selection of refurbished hot and cold glue equipment. These generally consist of independent parts, such as glue valves, through to complete systems and consist of many of the main manufacturers. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Moves & Installations

At some point in all our lives there comes a time where we have to move house; this can be the same for companies. Whether you are moving premises completely or just reinstalling your equipment within the same factory floor, Glue QA is here to provide all the support you need; from the initial consultation and move assessment to reinstalling your equipment in its new home – safely and securely. On completion of the reinstallation, we shall also provide your system(s) with a survey, leaving you with full knowledge and security of your equipment’s performance levels.

Another thing to consider when moving a system is to invest in a full system overhaul. We would remove the equipment from your machine, bring it back to our workshop and our experienced engineers will carry out any work at the level you require before reinstalling it after your host machine has been repositioned.

Bespoke Solutions

Glue QA also prides itself on not only covering gluing and QA systems but providing bespoke solutions.

  • Extra Jam Switches – with complex carton design and higher running speeds, it is inevitable that there will be the occasional crash on the machine. With the introduction of extra jam switches, the levels of waste and stoppages can be reduced significantly
  • Double Detection on labelling machines – by fitting the double detector to your labelling machine, it will ensure that each carton produced will have the correct label with none missing; ensuring a minimum of customer rejections
  • Retro-fit Anti-Static Devices – with the level of customer demand and the use of more and more complex substrates, it is becoming more difficult to ensure smooth continuous feeding of sheets / cartons. With the fitting of an anti-static device, this will eliminate a lot of the issues customers currently see, therefore improving performance and downtime

These bespoke solutions are not limited to the above and we will be more than happy to discuss your tailor-made requirements on an individual basis.

Hot and cold glue systems and electronics

With over 35 years of industry knowledge, our services can provide bespoke solutions, tailor-made for your company, including installation, services, refurbishment and commissioning, of all gluing systems.